Sunday, March 29, 2009

The curse of AngloAustria

Well, it would appear I was right to be worried about Sebastian Vettel. With my man Kubica about to take second at the Australian Grand Prix and challenge Button for first, with three laps to go and on much better tyres, the young German took Kubica off.

I'm sure they'll be serious Deutsche Sprache words from Mario Theissen, BMW's team principal, to his former apprentice driver, Vettel! :-)

Still, once they get the diffuser sorted out (which may be no mean job), and reel Brawn GP back in, we'll soon see BMW back on the podium.

It looks like it's going to be a great season.

And congratulations to Jenson Button for his superb victory, against all the odds and in the best tradition of plucky underdog Englishmen everywhere, acknowledging his triumph as only a gentleman could.


UPDATE: For UK viewers, you may be able to see Herr Theissen's reaction after the race on this BBC video, when he states that Kubica had the race in the bag due to the tyre situation. Notice the tongue lashing he gives to Vettel at the start of the video! :-)

The above 'debate' is enhanced by all sorts of nuances, including Vettel's first F1 drive having been for Theissen after Kubica had hit the wall in Canada, and Vettel's strong links with the BMW team, where I guess he'll be ending up again if and when Red Bull's funding drains away due to the current world recession. It's certainly not a conversation I would like to be having with Herr Theissen, who is perhaps one of the meanest and toughest Germans on the planet, and who is charged with winning the F1 championship this year for BMW, after hitting every other target in his four-year plan to take BMW to the top. Ouch!

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