Monday, March 23, 2009

Back from Dubai

Approximately the view from my hotel - though now the 'Burj Dubai' is almost full height!

For those of you who have already been, of course, you will know what I am about to say next.

Dubai? What a place! Unbelievable. The twenty second century has arrived. Marvellous. Incredible. Simply unbelievable. Have I said that already? Mind blowing. Fabulous. Fantastic. Simply indescribable.

If you are single and sick of socialism, get on the first plane out there for a holiday. While you are out there, figure out how you can stay there permanently, to get away from the encroaching fascism/socialism of our rapidly disintegrating western world.

Someone said to me recently that he thought the world would shortly form several new first rank hubs and relegate New York and London to the second rank. One of the most important of these newer hubs will be Dubai, he said. I didn't used to believe him. I do now.

(Just follow the Formula One program, if you want to see where these hubs will be.)

As someone who has been very lucky in his life so far, I have managed to visit Vancouver, New York, Sydney, San Francisco, and Vienna, plus other wonderful and beautiful cities, so I feel I am qualified to pass the opinion that Dubai blows all of them away.

As a Hoppeian, it was also very strange to be in a land held together by tight-knit social organisations, in an absolute minimal state ruled by an almost absolute monarch, who is able to rule in such a way through close cooperation with these tight-knit social organisations, based upon strong family values and the absolute intolerance of crime where the property crime commandments of the Christian bible are rigidly adhered to by the Muslim religion.

Add to this negligible tax levels, incredible entrepreneurship fed by these negligible tax levels, and a society built upon the voluntary personal relations of independent clans, tribes, and families, and you are almost entering a Hoppeian WunderLand. (Though realising of course that the Professor is an anarcho-capitalist, and sees Monarchism only as a route back to freedom, not an end in itself.)

You might have also figured that I was simply blown away. I may also have said that already.

Alas, I can reveal no personal photos, because that would give the game away on who my clients are, who are very private people. Suffice it to say, that when I got back to Britain I became extremely depressed and wanted to get on the very next plane back out again, without going through passport control.

We are living here in Britain in a deep dark hole. You only realise how deep and how dark this hole is when you go somewhere like Dubai and come back again to face the dreary government officialdom of Heathrow and the newspaper headlines of the Daily Mail.

I cannot wait to go back. I look forward to the day when this will be a one-way trip. The sooner the better.

Absolutely marvellous.

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