Friday, March 13, 2009

Jim Rogers - If the IMF unloads its gold, then buy it

Lord Rogers of Alabama continues his denunciation of the fools in government, in the second video in this series:

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not an economist said...


In this radio interview Jim talks about the UK (circa 4 mins 50 secs):

He rates several countries:

UK - well fucked. Nothing left to trade after Oil and Financial Services plus the Scots Twat is raking up public debt and the money supply.

Australia - Would be okay-ish cos of their stock of natural resources but the politicians are fucking it up with their mania for stockpiling debt.

China - best placed of all three cos of the stockpile of reserves and assets it has built up over the years.

He mentions the USA as well but we all know they are well and truly fucked cos thanks to Schiff. Spectre of inflation and stagnant economy etc.., etc...,