Friday, December 11, 2009

The Global Warming Gravy Train Ran Out Of Evidence - The Only 4 Points That Matter

Some of you may have seen that I ran into a dreary conversation with an AGW drone last week, which turned into the usual mud-slinging contest that it is all too easy to slip into with such dogmatic adherents to the faith. (As you can see, I won, but it was a Pyrrhic victory in which I took little pleasure, as it soaked up needless time I could have spent doing something more useful instead, such as linking to more stories broadcasting "Climategate".)

What I should have done first, was to read this document:

=> The Skeptic's Handbook

This excellent guide teaches you how to avoid the dreary sneering mudslinging that ecomentalists like to engage you in, and to go for their falsification jugulars instead. It asks you to concentrate on four falsification points, and to keep hammering on these statements until either the ecomentalist answers the point or disappears (Note: they won't be able to answer these points - they'll just use the old "argument from authority" approach or nasty sneering "ad hominem" attacks instead).

So if any ecomentalist starts giving you any gyp, then hit them with these four points, and keep hitting them with these four points until they resort to the "argument from authority" or "ad hominem" attacks.

At that point you have won.

Then hit them with the four points again, and again, and again, for fun, until they tire of looking like idiots and disappear:

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