Wednesday, December 09, 2009

LewRockwell Roundup: December 9th

Missed the 8th, sorry. Busy earning taxes to pay for Gordon Brown's £5 million pound pension pot.

Ok, so to the 9th. Our top three:

1. Increase Your Carbon Footprint
Butler Shaffer on what you can do for freedom.

(A simply BRILLIANT article, perhaps one of the best on LewRockwell for months)

2. Nullification Spreads
Next: Will Missouri erase federal gun laws?

(Now some may think that the English AngloAustria shouldn't be concerning itself with internal US politics, but the American people threw off the British Empire. It is my fervent hope that they can also throw off the US Empire. Indeed, I think this possibility is the greatest hope for libertarianism in the medium-term future. So I make no apology for rating Missouri nullification at number two. Go, America! Throw off the yoke! You did it before, though you failed with Lincoln. Do it again.)

3. Lying Academics for the State
One of their key scams has been wrecked, says Gary North.

(Uncle Gary back on form)

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