Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kuhn Knew - The Pied Piper is Calling

I had the very great privilege last year of meeting Professor Peter Duesberg, who was once known as the greatest retrovirologist in the world. That was until he had his knees cut out from under him when he dared to utter his thoughts that the AIDS story is more complex than the simple one of HIV infection.

Essentially, those who take massive amounts of recreational drugs and indulge in other habits, over long periods of time, which severely stress the immune system, may pick up the HIV virus in their activities, but that it is their behaviour , or some other major stressor such as long-term starvation, which is the major story behind their acquisition of AIDS.


Well, I was, when I questioned the Professor, but he made a great deal of sense.

Now does any of this sound familiar? A 'scientific consensus' is reached (that HIV causes AIDS). This consensus is then used to justify massive worldwide governmental interventions via the UN.

Anyone who dares to criticise the 'consensus' is cast into the outer darkness.

Yes, it's ClimateGate again, only this time I suppose we could call it 'AidsGate'. This apparently has also happened with 'Big Bang' research, where those who doubt the Big Bang theory are similarly treated (QuasarGate), and in dinosaur disappearance research (AsteroidGate). In fact, the New World Order in Science is probably doing this to every major science.

It's actually hard to tell, because those who disagree with the conventional contemporary scientific wisdom won’t get grants, won’t get published, and will be compared to Holocaust deniers. Or so Professor Henry H. Bauer thinks.

Read more, below:

=> Suppression of Science Within Science

What's really surprising about all of this is that anyone is surprised. A hundred years ago most science was done independently at independently-managed universities or funded privately via independent wealth. These days it is virtually all funded by government-sequestered tax-eater revenues, and virtually all the tax-eating scientists have forgotten the old saw about he who pays the piper calls the tune.

The scientists all stuck their hands into the bottomless pit of governmental largesse, funded through coercive taxation, and they are outraged and horrified when they realise that the price of this is to support all measures which increase governmental power. Poor loves. The Devil always gets his price paid in the end.

Kuhn knew all of this would happen, of course. Which is why all tax-funded scientists should read him, as well as Popper.

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Don't forget the disease that is 'Post Normal Science'