Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Peter Schiff: Dial for Votes update

Mr Schiff has been having problems with his emailing system letting us Schifferites know about his VBlogs. The stagecoach has arrived though, through the snow, carrying its overdue backlog of video mail:

Dial for Votes update (Posted 16th December):

Dollar, inflation, interest rates, Obama (Posted 15th December):

Dial for Votes! Schiff for Senate volunteer phone bank DO NOT CALL AFTER 9PM EASTERN TIME (Posted 15th December):

dollar, gold, growth, volcker, debt. senate race (Posted 11th December):

Peter Schiff debates David Epstein of Columbia University -- Nov 11 2009 (Posted December 10th):

UPDATE: The video above is so good, I thought we should have a commentary:

Mr Schiff finally stands up after a very tedious 19:54 minutes from David Epstein, in which I considered slashing my wrists on several occasions, in this 1hr 33 minute video! :-)

And of course, Mr Schiff makes up for that tedious 19:54 minutes with a splendid virtuoso performance of straightforward Austrianism at its finest.

Bravo, sir!

(I take back everything I said earlier.)

The Duke stops delivering his main speech at 42:44.

There then follows a Q&A session, where Der SchiffMeister shreds David Epstein into an angry gesticulating blubbering pulp.

For amusement, Mr Epstein begins his first response by accusing Mr Schiff of being a Keynesian. The response then starts at 53:52, with Epstein doing the usual socialist thing of demanding to be heard without interruption and hogging the timeline, but constantly interrupting Schiff with what little time he allows him, fidgeting, rolling his eyes, and desperately looking for points at which to interject with inane comments.

There's a splendid abducto ad absurdum at 1:00:30, where Epstein flails like a flaccid popped balloon, which is splendid.

It reaches a point where Epstein looks like he's going to punch Schiff, as Schiff leans back laughing at him. Marvellous. Epstein certainly doesn't like it up 'im! ;-)

Here's the 2006 Mortgage Bankers speech that Peter mentions at 1:12:00:

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