Tuesday, December 22, 2009

UK recession longest and deepest since war, says ONS

The UK is still officially the only G20 country remaining in recession.

The funny thing about this, of course, is that every G20 country is still in recession, but they have printed and borrowed enough money to pump up their price figures enough to appear to be out of recession.

Whereas Gordon Brown is such a Klutz that despite furious Bank of England monetary pumping for months and months, with no end in sight, he still can't get the price figures to go up sufficiently to generate a faux escape from recession.

Brown really will go down in history as being the worst British prime minister of all time. And with a rogues gallery of other incompetent idiots to pick from (e.g. Attlee, Baldwin, Blair, Callaghan, Eden, Heath, Lloyd George, MacDonald, Major, etc), that really is saying something.

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