Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Does Peter Schiff actually want to win?

You know, love him though I do, I'm beginning to become puzzled about Peter Schiff's desire to win the Senatorial seat in Connecticut. For weeks now campaign volunteers have been phoning in to 'Wall St Unspun' and asking about when they are going to hear something about how they can get involved. The brush off has been the same:

"We're building the web site; you'll be hearing something from us soon."

Now I know LESS THAN NOTHING about US internal politics, so I've been keeping my powder dry on this, but does Lew Rockwell know something about this stasis holding position that we don't?

Mr Rockwell has noticed that even though third-placed Republican Peter Schiff is ahead of Democrat Dodd in the polls, he is still the last-placed Republican? What's going on?

Is it time for The Duke to stop doing 'Wall St Unspun' and to concentrate totally on getting elected? Are his investors giving him a hard time about not devoting enough time to their pecuniary interests? Is appearing on American financial shows preventing him from giving enough time to his campaign? Do we need cloning technology to create seven Horcruxes of Peter Schiff, so he can be everywhere at once?

Strangely, I feel torn on this. Democracy is a God that has failed, so on principle I'm opposed to forlorn attempts to try to make democracy 'work'. But having said that, Ron Paul's attempt on the Presidency last year was magnificent (though he didn't get many votes and his campaign team seemed weak). So it's a tough one.

But if Mr Schiff is to make a serious play on this, then he's not just going to do this for Connecticut, or even for America. The whole world is reliant on Austrianism, and if he replaces Ron Paul as the foremost political Austrian in the world, then he will be taking up a heavy historical burden, and we will all need to support him. But to do this we've got to know if he's serious.

Come on, Peter. What's the game plan?



Paul said...

Timing is everything. I hope he is timing and he is timing right.

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