Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Moody's warns Britain facing a 'fiscal crisis'

You don't say?

Within four years almost 10p in every pound of tax paid by British families and companies will go straight towards interest payments on the national debt, even in an optimistic scenario, the agency said.
One can almost understand how and why the British government borrowed money during World War II, to pay for the defeat of Hitler. We can certainly leave a debate on that to another day, as to how it was the people of Britain saving the British government, rather than the other way around.

But what excuse do they have for having landed us in the current mess, where there have been decades of borrowing, to the point where 10% of taxes are going to be used just to pay interest (notice, not the principal loan sum) on government loans?

It's bad enough paying taxes to the six million directly employed tax-eaters, the millions more tax-eaters on welfare, and the millions more indirectly employed tax eaters working for 'private' companies that do business almost exclusively with government.

But when 10% of that theft is just to pay off interest on the loans that these thieves have taken out, IN ADDITION to the usual thefts of taxation and inflation, then it simply starts being nonsensical.

And these tax-eating parasites, who think they are so much better than the rest of us, think we're not going to notice?

May the end of the British government be as swift as possible.


alan said...

so glad i live abroad!

how on earth could i come back?

i cant find any jobs that pay enough to cover my taxes!

Jack Maturin said...

Good for you, Alan.

The best service you can do for Blighty is to stay where you are, to prevent your talent and industry being bled white to keep propping these scumbags up.

The more of us producers who can get out, the sooner we can induce the socialist collapse, when they have finally consumed all of the available production.