Friday, December 18, 2009

LewRockwell Roundup: December 18th

Another great day on LRC, with too much choice for your digester. I thought, seeing as we're about to be bamboozled into a world socialist government, to spend our lives 'redistributing' our wealth to African dictators, so they can buy gold bars in Switzerland and lend us more money to pay them off with, I thought we ought to concentrate on Climategate:

1. Climategate Goes Serial
James Delingpole on Russian proof of eco-lies

(Dear Lord, the world's socialists are about to create the first world socialist government in Copenhagen today, and it's all based on a pack of lies. Who'd'a thunk it?)

2. Shakedown in Copenhagen
Pat Buchanan on the climate con job.

(The Antarctic ice sheet is thickening and expanding. It has been doing this for four decades straight. Why haven't the environmentalists mentioned this in Copenhagen, never mind explained it. Mr Buchanan thinks he knows.)

3. Some Books I Like
Eighteen of Lew's favorites for Christmas.

(Got your Crimbo shopping all done yet? Here's a few last minute purchase ideas.)

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