Wednesday, December 16, 2009

LewRockwell Roundup: December 16th

There's some great stuff on LewRockwell this morning, especially for his American audience or those who want everything on Climategate, but I've gone for a few things with a more general Austrian appeal:

1. Mission Not Accomplished
The economy is not improving, as even Obama admits. Article by Peter Schiff.

(Yes, I know this is based on the US economy, but Schiff's analysis works equally well on the British economy.)

2. Convincing Fake Gold Bars
Theo Gray on how government and private crooks make them.

(If you're stashing gold coins and bars, make sure you don't get caught out, as some central banks have been.)

3. The Hangover Quotient of Holiday Drinks
Make sure you know.

(Drop the gin and the beer and go for the vodka tonics instead - in moderation, obviously.)

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