Saturday, December 19, 2009

Knowledge Monopolies - The New World Order in Science

In a follow-up article to Suppression of Science Within Science, which I first noted here, Professor Henry Bauer discusses how the racket of 'Big Science' has become the captive of a scientific-technological elite:

=> The New World Order in Science

Here's a quote:
One consequence of the bubble’s burst is that there are far too many would-be researchers and would-be research institutions chasing grants. Increasing desperation leads to corner-cutting and frank cheating. Senior researchers established in comfortable positions guard their own privileged circumstances jealously, and that means in some part not allowing their favored theories and approaches to be challenged by the Young Turks. Hence knowledge monopolies and research cartels...With administrators in control because the enterprises are so large, bureaucrats set the rules and make the decisions. For advice, they naturally listen to the senior well-established figures, so grants go only to "mainstream" projects.

Henry H. Bauer, Dean Emeritus of Arts & Sciences and Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Science Studies at Virginia Tech

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