Sunday, December 13, 2009

Uncle Gary 'Happy' Shock!

I have no idea what impression the reader has of the writer of these pages. Although this impression may occasionally seem grim or even hysterical, generally, as with most Austrians, life is lived at a fairly happy tempo. It will require another article to explain it, but there is something about the Austrian condition which constantly leads you to look for the funny things in life, at least privately, whereas in the public side of life we can seem a little overly serious and worrisome.

This is particularly true in the best of us, such as Uncle Gary North. I'm sure, like me, he is happy enough in his personal life. However, his writings are usually the grimmest of all.

So I was delighted, recently, to see the sun bursting through the gloom of statist oppression, in this wide-ranging piece on Climategate and the end of the MSM. Go, Uncle Gary, go!:

=> What Will John McQuaid Do for a Living After the Washington Post Goes Bankrupt?

If you haven't got time to read the piece, it is still well worth watching a couple of the videos referenced within it. The first is on Professor Stephen Schneider, one of the world's leading man-made 'Global Warming' advocates. It concentrates on Professor Schneider's strong belief, in the 1970s, that we were headed towards an ice age due to man-made 'Global Cooling'. Come on, Professor - Make your mind up!:

In this next interview, the overly sensitive Professor Schneider shuts down a UN press conference with the intervention of an armed UN security guard, to avoid having to answer a perfectly reasonable question about Professor Jones of HadCRUT fame, the data suppressor at the heart of Climategate:

How dare the proles question their masters and betters? They ought to be locked up and shot.

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