Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Climategate: Science is not a belief system

I'd like all the eco-tapeworms who may be shadowing this site (and you know who you are) to watch the following video. I think you'll find it instructive, as Lord Monckton puts the boot into your ridiculous religion, built as it is upon lies, fraud, racketeering, junk science, and just plain crookery. It is particularly instructive to watch the last couple of minutes which discusses the draft version of the Treaty of Copenhagen, which is essentially the birth document of the first World Socialist Government:

Lord Monckton on Climategate at the 2nd International Climate Conference from CFACT on Vimeo.


As well as many wonderful facets to this video, Lord Monckton names and shames the top eight crooks involved in the AGW fraud:

And finally, I thought we might go for today's quote of the day:

UPDATE: Full un-annotated quote, here.

Video first seen on Obo's wonderful blog site, though as Lord Monckton has asked all viewers of it to broadcast it far and wide, it has been my very great pleasure to comply with this request.

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