Tuesday, December 15, 2009

General Election due in the UK soon, shock

You can tell there's a General Election coming up soon in the UK, because all of the airwaves and radio waves are now becoming filled with tax-eaters using tax revenue to persuade us of their vital necessity and the benefits of us continuing to hand them untold trillions of pounds both now and in the future for their increasingly useless 'services'.

The British police are now nothing more than the armed wing of the 'social services', and yet I'm now being forced to pay for them to run adverts to tell me how wonderful they are. To hear this bilge on the radio is an outrage.

I now view the public police mafia as more dangerous, and certainly far more expensive, than their brethren in the private criminal class. And if I were to suffer the misfortune of being burgled, I would fully expect the police not to turn up to the house and just to give me an insurance number, and even if they did bother to turn up, I would be more worried about being arrested or at least criticized by the police, for some fallacious breach of their stupid paper fiat laws on my part, than I would be confident in their ability to catch any culprit.

In these new 'spangly' adverts, they tell me that they spend 80% of their time 'on the beat', rather than cooped in their lovely nice warm offices and cars or on EU social diversity awareness courses learning how to be the new Trans-European Stasi.

Well, I tell you what, coppers, I get around Henley On Thames quite a bit. Let's start a clock running. It's now 11:05am on Tuesday, the 15th of December, 2009. I shall be scrupulously honest. I shall report in a follow-up piece, the first moment I see a policeman or policewoman on the beat, in Henley, wherever and whenever it is. Not sitting in a car, but actually on the street.

Just to make it fair on you, I shall go into the centre of Henley every day, at least once, and walk past the Henley police station and your nice shiny police cars, in-between the main Greys road car park and Bell Street.

I reckon it'll take at least three days, probably much longer, for me to see one of you (and I'll bet that this will be seeing one of you walking between your police station and one of your cars).

I won't take any photos, as that will get me arrested for breaching your privacy, but honestly, I don't think I have anything to worry about, because the chances of any of you being seen within three days are remote, at best.

What'd'ya reckon? I know who my money's on.

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