Friday, December 11, 2009

The idiot Darling and his plan to destroy Britain

What can you say about our idiot Chancellor, Alistair Darling, and his pathetic craven plans to keep pumping wealth into the unproductive maw of his tax-eating clientele, with money stolen from the few remaining wealth producers in this country? Many of these actual tax-payers, as opposed to tax-eaters, will now be working out their own plans to:

1. Work up to the threshold point of the new 50%+ taxes and then disappear into the back garden for the rest of the year to rake up a few leaves

2. Leave the country entirely

To go on borrowing and to actually increase government consumption spending, at a time like this, is simply madness. But that is what it has come to. The dumbed-down population of Britain, too stupid to live without welfare but intelligent enough to decide who our political masters should be, may even fail to see through it, but Britain is becoming a basket case in front of our eyes. Yet still we march into the night, convinced that more debt is the solution to the debt crisis.

Here's a summary of Darling's stupid plans:

Jeff Randall paints a grim picture of where all of this is going:

=> Pre-Budget report: the Treasury won't tell us the true cost of this debt disaster

Fortunately, Daniel Hannan has the words to the speech that Darling should have given this week:
“Some have argued we should continue to borrow and wait for the economy to grow again before tackling the budget deficit. There are three reasons why this is not a viable proposition.
First, we know from the 1980s how large deficits, left unchecked, can lead to a dangerous spiral of mounting debt and ever increasing interest payments. Never again should we return to a position where all of our income taxes go to pay interest on the national debt.
Second, international debt markets have become more crowded and more fragile. If lenders were to lose faith in our ability to restore order to the public finances, the consequences for our economic well being would be profound.
Third, only decisive action will restore confidence. Consumers will only start to spend and business owners will only invest and create jobs if they believe we are tackling our deficit problem now.”
These are of course the words spoken this week by Brian Lenihan, the Irish Finance Minister.

Here are the pertinent thoughts of Benedict Brogan:

=> Pre-Budget report: A shocker in every line

David Hughes is even blunter:

=> Pre-Budget report: Darling puts party before country

Of course, as the cartoon below put it at the last budget, it's not entirely Alistair Darling who is to blame for the state of the British government's dreadful finances:

However, whichever of the two men is in control of HM Treasury, this week really did mark a low-point for this rotten Labour government. The shame is, of course, that the Tories won't be any better.

Time to go, methinks, and then come back in 20 years when the dust has settled.

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