Saturday, March 06, 2010

How the idiot Tories plan to turn England into Nigeria

One of the worst aspects of being in Nigeria, is that the electrical system is simply appalling. Despite being an energy rich territory, even in the richest section of the richest city in Nigeria, you can expect to have electricity 'outages' several times a day.

Even within a major Nigerian bank's headquarters I got stuck in a lift in which the power had been cut. Everyone, including me, laughed at the time, because the surreality of it all precludes getting miserable about it. Fortunately, because the bank had its own diesel generator, switched on seconds after the outage occurred, the lift started working again.

By then, of course, I had forced open the doors and climbed the two feet necessary to reach the next floor. Which only displayed my lack of knowledge about electricity in Nigeria.

Because every middle class home and every business in Nigeria has its own generator, which is switched on when the central grid's power supplies are removed.

Now, you might think this primeval electricity situation marks Nigeria out as still being 'third-world'. But this, apparently, is the situation the idiot British Tory Party want to adopt in England, with moving belts of power being switched off and on, up and down the country, with each household being necessitated to install their own generator to cope with these planned outages.

And all of this, to feed the 'green' dream of the morons currently in charge of the Tory party.

What a bunch of muppets.

Whatever else you do on polling day, pilgrims, don't vote for this miserable shower of halfwits and fools.

No doubt, whatever happens, the leeches and petty tyrants of Westminster will never suffer the ignominy of being dealt power cuts during their incredibly 'important' and 'busy' days telling the rest of us how to live our lives. For that would be the mark of barbarianism, in their truly civilised existence.

No doubt the tax eaters' baths were still kept similarly warm in Rome, even when the barbarian tax payers were smashing down the gates.

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