Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peter Schiff: Health Care Bill - bad medicine & unconstititional

Mr Schiff adds his two cents to the U.S. National Health Service debate.

His first point is that it won't work. It will drive costs up, and the only reason U.S. health care costs are already so high is because of ever-ratcheting government interference within the health industry. This plan will make things cost even more, because more government always means more expense and more failure. In private industry, such as the computer industry, products and services get better and cheaper over time. In government-controlled industry, costs go up and services always get worse, over time.

The Duke points out the rosy flawed assumptions behind the current plan, and then explains how these assumptions are nothing but fraud.

This is all before Mr Schiff even gets to the point where he talks about the unconstitutionality of the new American NHS, and the fourteen states which are going to try to nullify its provisions via this unconstitutionality. He quotes Madison, who wrote the original constitution, and discusses Federalist Paper number forty five, with some side-points on marijuana markets and how the commerce clause of the U.S. constitution does not provide the legal means necessary to create the American NHS.

As Bill Bonner has said several times, with the U.S. about to experience the 'real' depression, after the phoney war of the recent 'recovery', then adding trillions of dollars of obligations right now, to fund tens of thousands of more IRS bureaucrats, will be seen by future historians as total, utter, and complete madness, perhaps tipping the U.S. finally into its 'End of Empire' death spin.

BTW, for anyone who wants to see just how bad the British NHS is, just try this website. Welcome to the Monkey House.

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