Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ron Paul for 2012?

Thomas E. Woods nails Ron Paul on the 2012 question, about whether he's going to don the helmet again and ride into the breach (go to 1:40 if you want to avoid the pre-amble). He does it through a Popperian negative gambit!


Well done, the Woodster! :-)

And BTW, go to 5:50 if you want to know what a future President Paul would like to do with all of the bureaucrats in the federal American government. I won't give the game away. Let's just say that the Austrian cause will be massively advanced if Ron Paul remains compos mentis and hale of health for the next couple of years, and can be persuaded to don the helmet of truth again. He certainly sounds as on the ball to me, as he was two years ago. And probably 20 years before that.

Go, Ron Paul, go!

(Let's just hope that Old Father Time doesn't catch up with the spry Congressman - the only one worth capitalising, or that if he does, then Peter Schiff is actually a Senator by then - and the only one of these men that will be worth capitalising, too. Of course, the dream ticket of Congressman Paul for President, with Senator Schiff for Vice-President, doesn't even bear thinking about just yet, especially for one who doesn't want to be bombarded with accusations of hypocrisy, for eschewing British politics while being so interested in American politics. My only defence would be that if the Prince of Light, Daniel Hannan, was leader of the Tory party, with Bonson Jorris as deputy leader, then I would be forced into revising my opinion on that particular matter.)

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