Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Budget 2010: a Q&A on what to expect

I don't know why the state-licensed hacks on The Labourgraph bother with articles like this.

We all know what the government is going to do to us. It's been doing the same thing to us for over 4,000 years now, ever since the first Pharaoh of Egypt, Menes, did it to the people of the Lower Nile. That's him above, by the way, cracking a Lower Nile taxpayer over the head with a mace.

Yes, folks. The British government is going to screw us to within an inch of revolution and then reward its own supporters with the stolen pelf. And then it's going to try to convince us that this screwing has been done to us, with regret, for our own good.

And like muppets, most of us will believe them.

And who says the state education system is failing? Of course it isn't failing. It's doing a splendid job.

Of continually convincing us proles that government is good for us, with the help of its co-swindlers, the useless intellectuals, who man the schools, the universities, the government astronomies, the government ministries, the government mini-ministries in the shires, the government-licensed media, and everywhere else you find smug market-haters who earn far more from government privilege than they would ever make in the free market.

The Egyptians had tax-exempt priests. We've got BBC-worshipping Guardian readers and other followers dedicated to the Mighty Amun, in his current guise as the God of State.

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