Saturday, March 13, 2010

Terminal 4 Sojourn

Patted down again by a goon

Must get my mercury fillings replaced by non-poisonous stuff

Still, at least he was polite

Euro at 1.0073 to the pound, at the Travelex idiot rate

How long before 0.99 is reached?

And this, with Euroland heavily infected with the Club O'Med PIIGS

Pound is goin' down, baby

Taking my internal psychological temperature, it feels great to be leaving the UK, if only for a few days

I think if this was a girlfriend, the end wouldn't be far off now - it's only the baggage holding us together now

Client only prepared to stump up for cattle

Still, at least it's Etihad, the best cattle carrier on the Market

Boarding call...

Civilisation, here we come

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