Friday, March 19, 2010

Wall St Unspun: March 10th and March 17th

Here's the March 10th edition of 'Wall St Unspun', hosted by Neeraj Chaudhary and Hemant Kathuria, from the Los Angeles office, with a discussion of investment trends:


Swiftly followed by The Duke himself, Peter Schiff, on March 17th, hosting the full hour-long show:


The March 17th monologue kicks off with a short piece on Schiff's political figures, in the Republican senatorial race in Connecticut, where he will be concentrating on just getting himself known, because although when people know who he is, they prefer him to the other candidates, there are still lots of people in Connecticut who haven't heard of him yet. Where are they living? Deep underground caves!

Schiff thinks there will be a technical shift in foreign exchange, with a refocusing of attention on the US dollar, now that the Greek and British problems have stopped attracting so much attention, and that once the US dollar starts sliding again, the 'recovery' in the US will be seen for what it is (i.e. a mirage), with US government debt now expanding at record pace to postpone the consequences of the original problem. Indeed, it has spent so much, that it is now twice the size it was in 1999, now costing $4 trillion a year just to run itself! And in 1999, the US government was no tiny shrinking violet.

Schiff likens the US government to a vampire, sucking the private sector dry to sustain its rapidly expanding dead weight. His solution is to shrink the government, rather than grow the government. And yet here they are about to grab the entire US health market, to further expand their power, and other power-grabs, all fuelled by borrowed money.

Because it's a Schiff-hosted show, they've also put up a YouTube:

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