Sunday, March 07, 2010

Wet my beak! - The British government wants to tax food

A Guardian-reading civil servant in London, yesterday

Even in England, which is now a land filled with fifty million government-worshipping tax-serfs, there are still some things which previously the ravenous British government has dared not tax, for fear of being worked out for what they truly are, which is a band of robbers writ large.

One of these few items has been food. Yes, there are alcohol duties, farmers' subsidies, EU tariffs to block African food imports (thus impoverishing Africa) and the like, but they have always skipped around the edges. Because they know that to directly tax fresh food is to directly knock out the prop that they are 'serving the poor', because when a rich mafiosi Guardian reader in government taxes a poor person's food, then it is quite clear to everyone what that Guardian reader is; a selfish piece of retrogressive organised-criminal scum.

Even in the last few years, as the government's tax income has dropped due to its greed and moronic incapacity to see beyond more than its own grasping fat hand in front of its own fat face, they have merely flown kites on taxing fat-filled or sugar-filled food, for our 'own good', au naturellement.

But they have never dared come right out with it and tell us to our faces that they want to tax all food. However, so desperate have they become, with their squalid borrowing, inflating, and taxation schemes all falling down around their ears, that they are now flying kites about both imposing tax on food, and on increasing this tax rate on both food and everything else, to 20%.

So with direct taxes now consuming over 50% of many productive people's incomes (approaching 75% in some cases, according to my accountant), and with a further raft of local government taxes, energy duties, tobacco duties, alcohol duties, transportation taxes, and a hundred other ways to rob you blind, with what little else these scum still leave you with, they want to wet their beaks with 20% of everything else you dare spend on sustaining yourself.

It is absolutely disgusting, and yet they will probably get away with it, because the state education brainwashing system (the schools, the universities, the BBC, the paid-off intellectuals, and the state-licensed media) has been so effective over the last fifty years, that the most we will expect from most people, even among the productive, will be the phrase "we mustn't grumble".

Oh, I do so hope I'm wrong. I hope this really is a tax too far. But I fear the worst. With lowlife scum such as the "independent" think-tank, Reform, leading the well-organised push to wreck this country further with these appalling tax-grabs, thus leading to an even greater exodus of the productive to seek greener pastures abroad, the most that people in this country seem to do is to just quietly leave for elsewhere. And who can blame them?

For what else can you do? I would happily march in the vanguard of a column of 10-million people to fill Whitehall with the necessary demonstration of the people's will to retake control of their lives back from these petty tyrants and small-minded bureaucratic scum, but it won't happen, because a majority of the English population now draw sustenance from the teat of the state, and the rest of us are so busy surviving that we lack the will and the energy to fight back against them.

Let us be certain of one thing. If these taxation measures pass, then a thousand years of resistance will be over. We will have fought off the Armada, Napoleon, and Hitler for nothing.

For England will have been defeated from the inside, by horrible small-minded leeches in bureaucratic offices up and down the land, and their propagation of the self-serving mantras of Marxism and every other state-serving ideology. But what will this victory over us be worth? Because this ravenous monster will only destroy itself, as the productive seek to leave and the people who are left shrivel up into teat-sucking subservience.

Soon, the teat will be empty. And what will the bureaucrats do then? Who will they rob? Who will they order to work to fill their blood-sucking maws? Who will listen to them when there's only one man left in the country actually doing anything useful? And he's working out how to retire to Thailand?

Even if they block up the exits and build a huge 'Great British Wall' to keep us all in, we'll all just down tools and start doing the bare minimum to survive anyway, without producing much in the way of excess that they can then steal. For what will be the point? The borrowing tap is about to be turned off, they're going to find out that without the borrowing tap the inflation tap is useless, and the taxation tap is drying up rapidly as 50 years of Keynesianism comes home to roost.

East Germany here we come.

Or maybe. Just maybe, something might happen. As we are now in the Keynesian long-run, and there is no way back to 'normal', and conservative consumption is going to become a way of life, perhaps this really might the end of the road for our over-mighty and over-consumptive government? Maybe there is still some spark of independence in the English which hasn't been snuffed out yet by the brain-washing and the handouts?

Come on, England, fight back for God's sake. We really do have nothing to lose but our chains.

Daniel Hannan and Boris Johnson, where are you now? Come forth and announce yourselves. England expects.

Well, it doesn't expect, because it's too damn busy watching Sky Sports. But it damn sure needs you anyway.


Katabasis said...

Great post Jack.

I still encounter people however who think Brown is some kind of secret genius.

I truly weep for the dearth of economic and philosophical education.

Jack Maturin said...

Brown is a genius.

Anyone so psychologically flawed, who is secretly gay, who knows nothing about real economics, who is bordering on being an open communist, who totally lacks social skills, who is bordering on autistic, who is hated by virtually everyone who works either for or with him except for a core of devotees, who has arranged a sham marriage with one of these devotees, who has stolen the pensions of millions of people, who is blind in one eye, who is almost blind in the other, who is addicted to painkillers and/or sleeping pills (take your pick), who openly stole from the taxpayer via his expenses, who sold most of this country's state gold at the bottom of the market, who has wrecked this country's productive capacity, who has filled literally millions of non-jobs with cronies, who has no dress sense, is unable to talk articulately, is incapable of answering questions, who speaks in a dreadful monologue, who is incapable of being interrupted, who has no friends, who has innumerable enemies, who makes millions of people want to smash their TVs with bricks when he appears on it, and who does that dreadful thing with his tongue when he speaks, and who is still the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and who is still in with a good shout of retaining this position after the next election MUST BE a genius.

You've got to hand it to him. With all of the problems above, and with nothing else in his favour, there must be SOMETHING about him.

Of course, there is the same something about him which Stalin and Hitler had. Everyone hated them, but in the end their energy and their passion and their sheer bloody-minded determination to do what they thought was best, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, marks these people out.

TERRIBLE, yes. GENIUSES? Yes, that too.

The fat odious turd still doesn't have a clue about economics, of course. Though he still keeps winning arguments hands down because he knows more about KEYNESIAN economics than everyone else in Westminster, and if, like Dave and George, you try to take him on with the premise that Keynesian economics IS economics, then he will beat you every time.

Which is why he's going to win the next election.

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