Thursday, March 18, 2010

Peter Schiff Roundup

The Duke's been busy while I've been away in Al Ain, turning a crust. Here's three, for the price of one.

From the heart, an impassioned plea for the US government to stop borrowing and spending, to allow the US economy to properly recover:

A short 1-minute 'Schiff for Senate' radio commercial:

Saving the best till last, an excellent commentary on the long-term fall of the dollar due to the policy of following The Pied Piper of Krugman. Worth watching for the thought that if the Nobel committee were to take away Nobel prizes, for un-excellence of economic thought, then Paul Krugman would be top of the candidate list. Schiff also challenges Krugman to a debate, anytime and anywhere, on economics. Marvellous:

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