Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sean Gabb, Should Voting be Compulsory?

The Gabbster skewers a BBC audience, filled it seems with many Guardian-reading socialists, via a precise and skillful thrust of sensible and coherent argument. (Apart from the bit on voting himself, but let's not spoil it.)

Being a hooligan myself, I would have been hard-pressed not to leap up and rip the trendy square glasses from off the face of his mealy-mouthed opponent and smash them into the ground with a few good stamps. After all, she wants to take a loaded gun, push it into my back with the safety off, and frog-march me down to a polling booth to legitimate her Soviet dreamland. She would have been getting a pre-emptive dose of what she deserved!

However, this would hardly have been the response of a sensible persuasive man. Which is why we in this country need The Gabbster, who was able to restrain himself merely by wrapping his arms around his body and then sticking tenaciously to the point to shut this woman down via logic and rhetoric.

So Daniel Gabb into the Lion's den of the Enemy Class, bested them once more.

Well done, sir.

Sean Gabb, Should Voting be Compulsory? from Sean Gabb on Vimeo.

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