Thursday, March 18, 2010

Banning “meow meow” would be counterproductive

Two more British soldiers killed in pointless Afghanistan bloodbath, bringing the current total of dead British service people to 275

I noticed an interesting post on the proposed 'banning' of the mephedrone drug by Richard Wellings at the IEA:


What's really sad about this 'banning' story, is the assumption by virtually everyone involved that when governments 'ban' wanted substances, that these substances instantly disappear from the known universe. This is despite decades of clear evidence that the banning of wanted substances simply makes them more attractive and in even greater demand - "If they've banned it, it must be good."

Oh well, I suppose all the politicians have to feel that they're 'doing something', even if what they do always makes the thing worse.

However, going out on a tangent, the piece provoked me into this response:
Jack Maturin Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
March 18th, 2010 at 2:47 pm

Richard, why don’t they ban joining the British Army?

It attracts lots of young people through its glamourous image, and yet hundreds die each year by joining the British Army, usually alone, in great pain, and with their arms and legs blown off, in desolate remote foreign fields, usually after having their dreams shattered by the drug of patriotism.

Surely this provides enough grounds for banning self-interested pushers from selling army careers to impressionable teenagers?
Latest betting on how long it will take the Taliban to re-establish control, after Nato finally gets kicked out:

Six months 2/1
12 months 5/1
Two years 6/1

Latest macabre British state casualty figures, here:

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