Thursday, March 11, 2010

Winter of discontent starts nine months early

Now is the winter of our discontent, Made glorious summer by this son of the Manse; And all the clouds of inflation that low'r'd upon our house; In the deep bosom of the ocean, he buried the truth behind meaningless government statistics and other lies.

As well as the muppets at British Airways about to go on strike, to put themselves out of the job, we in Britain may about to endure a major railway strike.

Not that this one will happen, of course, because Gordon Brown will buy it off with some ersatz money rolled off the Bank of England's electronic ledger.

Expect a few more pre-election strike threats in Britain, especially in the directly-government-controlled sector, hoping to cash in on Gordon Brown's need to make everything look rosy. (What the muppets at BA have forgotten, is that they're no longer directly owned by the government. It's only state employees who can strike with impunity.)

Though when Brown wins the May election, and the fiat money runs out the very next day, expect industrial action carnage to really begin, once the necessary recession is finally allowed to take place due to the British government becoming unable to hammer down all of the mole rats.

Winter is going to be really fun, especially when energy prices and food prices start going through the roof, due to a collapsing pound...

[That's enough misery, Maturin. Get on with some paying work instead: Ed].

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