Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Conservatives have the vision but not the nerve

Janet Daley, of the LabourGraph, writes the most astonishing piffle I have seen all week, even trumping Sir Bufton Huffchester. It really is remarkable that she actually gets paid to write this nonsense, so I thought she deserved a blipvert of my time.

Hey, it's 12 minutes to the sun going over the yard arm. I've got to give myself something vaguely interesting to do!
Jack Maturin on March 28, 2010 at 04:23 PM

What vision, Janet?

What conceivable difference is there between the Tory Party's policies and the Labour Party's policies? Even angels dancing on the head of a very tiny pin would have their work cut out trying to figure it out.

The British government needs to cut its spending at least in half, from £600 billion to £300 billion, to get it back to 1997 levels of spending.

If we can make these parasites do this, then we have half a chance of making some kind of recovery within a ten year period.

What do the Labour party want to cut spending by? About £10 billion. And the Tories? About £11 billion. Both are entirely beholden to state-sector employees and welfare recipients, hence their pathetic and cowardly pussy-footing around the problem of drastically reducing the waste and miscalculations of government malinvestment.

We need cuts in useless state spending in the hundreds of billions, not in the tens. Anything else is a complete waste of time, just like the Tory party.

So let me know when Daniel Hannan has been elected leader, with Boris Johnson as his deputy.

If the Labour party haven't gerrymandered all future elections, so they can never lose again, to create their perfect socialist hell on Earth, then I might get interested again in British politics.

In the meantime, you have fun on election day, Janet. I'll be doing something much more worthwhile. I'll be cleaning out the fluff from my sock drawer.

And then figuring out how to get out of Gordon Brown's socialist paradise and how to stop subsidising his orcish legions of leeches and tapeworms.

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