Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Making of the Keynes-Hayek Rap: Economic Theory Meets Popular Culture

Staying on a cultural theme, I thought the following YouTube might be interesting. At 2:30, after an introduction by the Jeffster, John Papola, a co-producer of the legendary "Fear the Boom and Bust" Keynes-Hayek rap, along with Russ Roberts, explains how they created this Master Work, which as the Jeffster puts it, is perhaps the greatest summation of Austrian Economics in the 500-year history of the entire school of thought. It's worth watching just for the ersatz version of Stayin' Alive at 14:10. Crazy:

At around 2:45 the above YouTube shows the full video, but if you'd like to sample it first in the high-def original, here it is below. BTW, it's currently on 990,000 views. Help boost it over the million mark, for maximum publicity and maximum house points:

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