Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's horrible being self-employed

I think I've reached a point in life where I'm virtually unemployable in what is known laughingly as a 'permanent' role (i.e. you have to do what someone else says, you pay more tax because you're easier for the government to target, you become dependent on your company, and you're about as permanent as TravelPro Rollaboard luggage, if your employer needs to unload some baggage).

Because the best thing about being self-employed is that you just never know what's going to happen next, because you never know where you'll find the next piece of cheese.

For instance, here I am, the world's second biggest Formula One fan (after a close relative), and where does my latest Abu Dhabi client put me up for three days? Yep, right beside the Yas Marina Formula One track, on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. That's it above, shot with the tiny camera in a Macbook, from my hotel room window.

Alas, I'm not actually in the famous Yas Hotel (the blue blob near the left-centre of the shot), but what the heck, I'll live with the next rung down, if that's all that's on offer.


Right, I've got to go downstairs now for a stiff one.

Chin chin!!

(And yes, I do realise that unless I can get an exit strategy in place before 2012, when Jim Rogers says the REAL crash is going to happen, then being self-employed in the UK is going to be a crust-eating nightmare. But then, if you're 'permanently' employed in the UK - whether for a corporate or for the government - if it's really going to be as bad as Mr Rogers imagines, do you really think you're going to escape unscathed? Good luck ta ya baby, if you do.)

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