Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Obama's Children - LewRockwell Roundup, December 2nd

US bombing victims in Afghanistan

A fairly predictable line-up, today, for our Maturin Towers Top Three, but do read the final article on Obama's (and Gordon Brown's) continuing murder of women and children in Afghanistan:

What's Pushing Up the Price of Gold?
Deficits, says Jim Rogers.

Are We 'Threatened' by Deflation?
The argument is wrong in theory and practice, says Gary North.

Man-of-Peace Obama Has an Xmas Present for Afghanistan
Death. Article by David Lindorff.

Let's just run that Obama promise, again, to end the war in Afghanistan as his first task in office:

I wonder if the people in the photograph above were listening to him and then hoped that he would win? I hope any American Democrat voters reading this, or indeed any Obama supporter worldwide, are proud of their man. He's a real hero.


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