Friday, March 05, 2010

The painful truth is that taxes must rise

Taxes are good for us. Government is great. I am a believer.

Jack Maturin

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Well, come on. It's less useless than doing Sudoku puzzles, or even crosswords. And at least I occasionally provoke a little sport with the odd socialist halfwit, in a usually forlorn attempt to help them unscramble their ossified brain cells. Here are my latest pointless scribblings on The Labourgraph.
Jack Maturin on March 05, 2010 at 04:27 PM

So Andrew, in the midst of an ongoing depression you want to raise taxes? I suppose if you saw a baby's pram rolling down the hill at Beachy Head, you would want to add lead weights to the pram to increase its stability?

Let's examine your main quote:

"The overspending of recent years has to be paid for somehow."

Yes, it has. And just imagine for a moment that I had overspent on my credit card for ten years, and now needed to pay it off.

Would you pay it for me, Andrew, or would you expect me to be responsible for clearing my own spending debts?

Government overspending can be paid for by government cutting its vast expenditures on swathes of client state apparatchiks, loafing behind six million desks in the government sector.

My plan would be to sack every single one of these desk jockeys, in every local authority, every quango, every Whitehall ministry, every BBC office, and every private company which draws 100% of its income from government contracts. We would then put all of these parasites on the dole.

If we actually noticed that any of these people had gone, after at least six months, we might then re-employ them again, at market wages, and with market pensions and conditions.

I would reckon we might need about 10% of them (some of them might be doing something useful, though I can't imagine what).

An even better policy would be for the government to completely default on its debts with a 100% haircut. That way, all of those foolish and immoral enough to lend the British government money would be punished for their recklessness and for their immorality in trying to gain investment income from coercive payments taken from children as yet unborn, in future taxation, and for providing the British government with the necessary means to grow the state and steal our liberties (e.g. in funding the ID card scheme).

The British government may have borrowed all of this money, via its ability to send armed men around to my door to force me to pay off its bills, or face the consequences, but that doesn't mean that the raising of these debts was in any way moral.

Why have they been doing all of this borrowing, anyway? Were we involved in a major war with someone, which I didn't notice? Or were they just maxing out the national credit card so they could boast about huge spending programs without actually having to raise immediate taxes to pay for them? Parents stealing off their children in this way, is disgusting.

The best effect of a complete default would be that the British government would not be able to borrow again for several generations, thereby being forced to continuously live within its still overlarge tax income flow.

Why anyone thinks this is a 'disaster' is beyond me. The subsequent reduction of British government power would transform the economy, allowing freedom and entrepreneurialism to flourish, as six million former apparatchiks stopped trying to strangle businesses in red tape, but actually did something useful for a change, with all of the investment funds which would now be available, rather than being wasted on the purchase of more government debt to fund more dangerous enterprise-strangling regulators.

British businesses would still be able to get credit. Indeed, because of the disappearance of the crowding-out effect, their ability to get credit would be enormously enhanced if we didn't have this great gorilla in the middle of society soaking up all of the available investment funds to waste on useless Inland Revenue call centres in the North-East marginals, manned by slackers and halfwits.

No, Andrew, we need to cut taxes, to free ourselves from these idiots in Whitehall who brought on this mess through their Bank of England inflation, their telephone books of new EU-inspired regulation, and their incessant empire-building madness, all fed by taxation, inflation, and borrowing.

To do this we should cut government spending. Massively. Until the bureaucrat class in this country become a rare and endangered species, with haunted faces, hiding in doorways.

Will this happen? Fat chance. Not with shills like you in the government-licensed media, rattling out nonsense on stilts. Still, we can dream.

In the meantime, it's time to work out how to emigrate, to ensure that the British government is cut off from my future earnings, so that they will be spent properly. And not wasted on yet more leeches and tyrants.

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