Monday, March 01, 2010

Will an election be called this week?

The Prince of Light, Daniel Hannan, reckons the Big Girl's Blouse in Downing Street, McCavity McBroon, might actually take a tough decision, for the first time in his life, and call an 'early' election (i.e. early, as in it's only six weeks to go before even the British state's fluid legal system makes it illegal for him not to call an election.)

Personally, I reckon he's such a bottling cowardly sperm, that he'll go right up until the bitter end, and then when he's dragged kicking and screaming from the Bunker he'll be utterly ungracious and sour about it.

If he was offered a bottle of whisky and a Luger, he'd pawn the whisky off to his brother and break the Luger down for scrap. And then blame the Americans for stealing both.

Complete total utter humiliation is simply too good for him. Long may his incompetence, arrogance, and mendacity remain watchwords for socialism at its finest.

His mortgaging of all of our futures to re-inflate his burst bubble has almost worked, as his poll figures have proved in the last two weeks among the economically illiterate, but the price we're going to have to pay for putting off the recession's butcher bill for almost two years is going to be immense. If only we could somehow make McBroon pay the whole price himself, rather than him shovelling it onto us and our children.

Shooting himself, being doused and then burned in petrol by apparatchiks, and then having his vital organs and bullet-holed skull displayed in a rival socialist's office is too good for him.

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