Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine flu: 'All of humanity under threat', WHO warns

Quaking under your bed yet? Well, you ought to be.

Because it is only because of a world government body that you will not die, so I want you to be grateful as well as afraid.

Which is why we need a world government, to continually save us from the following - take your pick:

1. Plagues
2. Wars
3. Famines
4. Asteroids
5. Global Warmings
6. Global Coolings
7. Global Staying-Exactly-the-Sames
8. Hobgoblins
9. Monkey Nuts
10. Uncle Tom Cobbley and all

All of humanity under threat? Yes, it will be, if there is nowhere to run to, because the world government will be everywhere you go. Even in the Roman Empire you could always escape across The Rhine or The Danube, to evade the taxes, military service, inflation, corruption, jobbery, and servitude of serfdom and slavery. (I don't think there's much surprise in that most of the liberty of the modern western world mainly arose from the Germanic peoples, including the English, because as well as possessing an innate love of liberty in and of itself, the early Germans will have been host to thousands of Roman Empire refugees and lovers of liberty, escaping north-eastwards into Germania to escape the thralldom of Rome.)

However, with a world government there will be absolutely nowhere to run to, except perhaps one day the Moon, though even that will be heavily dominated by the nascent world government, in the way that North America was dominated by European powers, once they had crossed the Atlantic.

No, a world government would be absolutely terrible.

I postulated the other day that being a citizen of a state was like being a player in a Monopoly game, in which the state is also playing, but where the state plays the banker, writes the rules, can change the rules during the game, and can fine you or throw you into jail at any time for breaking any of these rules, whether new or not.

Why does the game continue, and why does the state not become a terrible monster indeed? Because, currently, we can still, with some difficulty, walk away from the game and go and join another game somewhere else. The banker needs someone to steal resources from, to avoid having to be productive, so although they are evil, twisted, and despicable, they are generally just about tolerable enough to stick in the game with, at least in some countries (usually those ones that refugees try to flock to).

But can you imagine what this Monopoly game would be like if you couldn't walk away from it, and where the only way out was to die?

Welcome to the planned World Government Gulag of the 21st century. They won't need fences or an iron curtain, as their prototype did in Russia and Eastern Europe. Just supplication and grateful serfdom.

It is our duty, to our children, to stop this creeping monster of world government before it is too late to stop its juggernaut. Yes, I concede that any putative world government would collapse and end in the future, in the same way that the Roman Empire (and all other empires) ended, as the Soviets themselves did, under the weight of crime-encrusted state corruption, death, slavery, theft, and inflation, but that could take a couple of hundred years, leading to a second dark age that might last a few hundred years more.

Unfortunately, because many of us have had our brains washed in democracy, the need for government, and socialism (in all of its various guises), it will be hard for the rest of us to maintain the barricade in this ideological fight, but maintain it we must, if we are to avoid the horrible scenario I have painted above.

We can do it, and end their dreams, by taking our world back down to micro-states, and finally back down to the liberty and freedom of seeing the state wither completely, though I admit this will a hard fight and the road will be long, but we can do it if we first start ignoring them, then laughing at them, then fighting them.

That is why I hold such great hope for the United States, despite its being the home of one of most lethal variants of the World Government Hydra. Can Texas really not exist as an independent micro-state? (Some micro!) Can Alaska really not go it alone? Or Florida? Or California? To even question that these four states cannot exist as independent entities is to reveal just how far socialism, nationalism, and national socialism, have taken your brain.

Yes, I will admit that this road of secession and independence is a hard road to take because the enemy are unscrupulous in their weapons they choose to defeat us with, whereas we are hamstrung by individuality and morality.

They use the ratcheting effects of intervention after intervention, to proclaim the necessity of yet more of their interventions, from larger and larger world government bodies, the heads of this Hydra are then 'inevitably' planned to come together into a single United State.

The only real battle they envisage is the Orwellian struggle of working out whether it will be Oceania, Eurasia, or Eastasia, running the final United State body, with the Eurasian place at the table sub-contested by Moscow and Brussels - Beijing and Washington have already booked their seats!

These still individual heads of the Hydra have caused a world financial crisis by inflating their fiat currencies. What will their solution be? A single world fiat currency (The 'Bancor'), to be administered by a single world government body - thus several central bank heads of the final Hydra will coalesce into one, probably to be run by 'The World Bank'.

These individual Hydra also run state health and welfare systems, rendering many populations physically and mentally weak and with high time preferences, thereby choosing poor long-term behaviours likely to lead to disease or death because they take little account of consequences. The solution? Even bigger and 'better' state health and welfare systems.

They create crime and fear by disarming populations and removing the power to defend themselves. The solution? Even stronger police states to chain everyone down in and even less ability to defend yourself.

So you won't mind me saying then, after all of that, that when the 'World Health Organisation' hysterically says "All of humanity is under threat", I will say, "Boo!" They really must be getting desperate to gain our attention, if they have to resort to language like that, so this gives me hope - though I haven't ruled out in the future that the proto-United State would deliberately release military-grade pathogens, to keep pricking us into fear, in the same way that many movies currently postulate that some governments might be tempted to 'create' terrorist incidents for the same reason.

Anyhow, now I've got that off my chest, I think I'll go for a swim. Yes, I know this is terribly reprehensible behaviour, because swimming pools are festooned with viruses and other pathogens, and I'm taking the risk of both being infected and infecting hundreds in my turn.

But hey, I'll take that chance. Call me Mr Irresponsible. I am a risk taker. I live on the edge.

Well, it usually feels like that by the time I've done a few lengths. I better go and enjoy it before Gordon Brown orders the closure of all British swimming pools, to 'save us' from dreadful people like me.

Oh, how glad I am to have the wondrous Gordon in charge of this 'crisis', here in the UK. It means I can sleep at night.

And here's the thing, of course. I bet Gordon Brown is glad that this 'crisis' has hit. It gives him something to do and something to say other than what a financial Klutz he is.

And if that rings true, that Gordon is actually pleased to have this 'crisis' to manage, then doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about the need for government?

A plague on all of their houses.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

H. L. Mencken


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