Monday, April 06, 2009

The bleedin' obvious

The BBC program, Newsnight, tonight ran a special program on why cancer treatment in the UK is so much worse than everywhere else in Europe.

They questioned patient attitudes, analysed polls, questioned medical training diagnosis techniques, and in fact covered everything except the bleedin' obvious, in a tedious long-winded skip around the central answer that nobody in the tax consuming sector wants to hear.

Let's see that question again:

"Why is cancer treatment in the UK so much poorer than everywhere else in Europe?"

Here is the very simple anser:

"Because the government is more closely involved in running the health system, than any other country in Europe."

That's it. The more government involvement there is in anything, the worse that thing is than it would otherwise be. So why does the BBC need to waste yet more taxpayers' money spending hours skipping around this obvious answer?

Because more and more people in this country are realising the truth that they would be better off without government interference in their lives, so the tax consumers in the BBC need to protect their masters in government by blaming everything else except the inevitable consequence of government failure in everything that this 'force-based' criminal system touches.

Government = Death

More Government = More Deaths from Cancer

Less Government = Less Deaths from Cancer

It really is a very simple equation. Unfortunately, the Oxbridge minds that the BBC hires seem unable to understand it, despite their hyper-intelligence. Which seems strange. Because John Cleese was an Oxbridge man and he seemed to understand the bleedin' obvious well enough.

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