Monday, April 06, 2009

So what is the difference between the Mafia and the State?

Damned if I know.

Let's work through the senior posts in British government:

Chancellor of Exchequer: Embezzler and Crook

Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury: Fabricator, Counterfeiter, and Crook

Home Secretary: Liar, Porn Supplier, and Crook

Foreign Secretary: Cover-Up Artist, Liar, and Torturer

God forbid we should work our way down to Peter Mandelson, the biggest Crook of all.

I wonder if he's been clearing out his Luxemburg bank accounts recently, now that they're going to be opened up Gordon?

Obviously, if you're a Hoppeian like me, the only difference you recognise between the Mafia and the State is that states are usually older. Though of course, in Northern Ireland's case, virtually the entire government is made up of former terrorist mafiosi, so even that doesn't hold entirely true.

The State is nothing but a band of robbers writ large.

It is extremely interesting that this is not now only the viewpoint of Rothbardian 'extremists' like me, but also of an increasingly wider public.

So homage must be given to Guido Fawkes and all of the other journalists who scoop their exclusives from his site, for exposing this crookery.

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