Friday, April 03, 2009

The Cassandra Complex

It is with a mounting sense of horror that the Maturin Towers collective has watched many of its more outrageous predictions begin to come true, as this 'correction' has bitten deep into the socialist waste of western government.

Most of our predictions take a few years, a few months, or even a few weeks, to start coming true.

However, this morning we made the speculative comment that Gordon Brown had used the G20 meeting to get the rest of the world to give the IMF a trillion dollars, so that he could then later take that money to prop up his own rotten empire.

You may have read this prediction. You may have thought it was outlandish and hopelessly naive, particularly given Gordon Brown's denial that he would ever ask the IMF for this money.

And yet, this evening, we have one of his useful idiot senior cabinet ministers saying Britain should not be afraid or ashamed of taking some of this money from the International Monetary Fund, thus flying a kite and preparing the ground should the measure prove necessary.

It would thus appear that Peter Schiff is once again bang on the money. It may prove that because of Gordon Brown's appalling stewardship of the Treasury, for 11 years, and his one year as Prime Minister, Britain really will be coming off worst in this correction, out of all the world's (once) major economies.

I think I better have that third Bombay Sapphire, after all, before all of the drinks run out.

Events are beginning to gather an accelerated pace which even we at Maturin Towers are surprised by.

And all we have to go on is what is in the papers and what we can guess. Senior cabinet ministers have access to all sorts of private and secret government information, including tax receipts, unemployment trends, and other flows and figures which never make the light of day.

If they are panicking, then what should we be doing?


Anonymous said...

I don't know which cabinet minister you are referring to or the one mentioned in the Torygraph however I did watch Meddlesom on Channel Four a couple of evenings ago saying the same thing.

Quite incredible how they try to sanitise it.

Even more incredible how the opposition and the newspapers allow them to.

A couple of words from Osborne and a brief mention in the Torygraph but no articles.

Maybe the government have now managed to gain control over what the Torygraph reports.

The only governments to have ever contemplated an aproach to the IMF have ben socialist and still the Keynesians have the ball.

not an economist said...

Over the course of the last ten years Labour has introduced legislation to make bankruptcy proceeedings easier, partly to try to take the ignomy out of that awful predicament.

This is nothing more than another aspect of the same thing, albeit on a national, governmental level.

Jack Maturin said...

I was only going on what I read in the Torygraph, so I don't know which cabinet minister they mean, but generally when they say 'senior cabinet minister' they generally mean Lord Hinduja of Rio, a.k.a. Meddlesome, because all the rest of them are pygmies.

But you're right, Anonymous, because there really ought to be a huge stink over these remarks, but there has been virtually nothing.

Though my guess is that this is more cock-up than conspiracy. With David Cameron's policy being 'More of the Same', there's not really much to report on, in contrast to what Brown is doing.

But, on the brighter side for Brown's demise, I think this week will prove to be his high point. From now on in it's downhill all the way until he is removed from office, with the eventual call to the IMF only being a footnote in the onrushing calamity that is the British economy.

Lots of commentators are talking about the G20 meeting as if it marked some kind of bottom.

I'm with Uncle Gary.

I think it just marks the end of the beginning.