Friday, April 03, 2009

Bombay Sapphire: The spice of life

At this time on a Friday evening, this is what any self respecting gentleman ought to be doing:

=> Toss that ol' glass of tall crystal into the freezer for a short sojourn, while you make love to a beautiful woman, along with a few tins of Schweppes full-sugared tonic water

=> Now take four or five tonic water ice cubes out from the freezer, and deposit them into your frosted chilled glass - use proper sugared tonic water to make your tonic water ice cubes with, because aspartame is both bad for the body and bad for the soul

=> Add about three ounces of Bombay Sapphire into your glass, or to taste, though avoid overdoing it, you lush (the square bottle shape of the ol' Bombay makes it really easy to keep in the freezer, where the alcohol acts as anti-freeze)

=> Add about four ounces of Schweppes tonic water, or to taste

=> Take a slice off half a lime and then squeeze the remaining half into the glass

=> Stir tenderly, with the swizzle stick of your choice, as if making love to a beautiful woman (this is why you have to do this earlier, to get your technique right)

=> Twist the lime slice and add to the glass as you fancy

=> Drink immediately

And keep it to one. Ok, two. But no more than that! Alright, three. But only if it has been a really rough week.

Afterwards, a fine New Zealand Pinot Noir can be sampled, but purely for its medicinal resveratrol life-enhancing nutraceutical effects, obviously.

Cheesey biscuits and nibbles, as required.


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