Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lew Rockwell podcast roundup

The Lew Rockwell podcast series is an excellent resource for maintaining one's sanity in a world gone Goldman Sachs.

What, you mean you haven't subscribed yet?

Particularly good ones in the last week or so include:

=> 114. Guido Hülsmann: What Should Geithner and Bernanke Do?

The urbane Guido guides us through what the market would have done to correct this recession, and how it would have all been over in 18 months. Splendid.

=> 117. Gerald Celente: The Fed Has Wounded You

More dire predictions from Mr Celente, all of which possess the absolute ring of authenticity and virtual certainty, from one of the world's experts on (correctly) predicting the future. Does that depress you and make you not want to listen? Don't worry. As well as telling us what he thinks is going to happen, Mr Celente gives us excellent advice on what to do to prepare for the worst, and how to prosper (or at least not go under) when/if this worst happens.

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