Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The green shoots keep coming

Hey, have you noticed how coincidental it is that all of these 'green shoots' stories have popped up in Britain, just before the state's annual announcement of how much it is going to be robbing from us all, in the coming year?

=> Economists hail first green shoots in housing market
=> Do the 'green shoots' in Britain's economy amount to much?

Don't believe a word of these stories. They are all being caused by massive money printing. This is the partially successful re-inflation of the bubble, which will become obvious when M4 comes out on April 22nd.

But just like a whisky drinker with a terrible hangover drinking themselves into another drunken stupour to kill the pain, the results are going to be much worse than if the hangover was just accepted and lived through.

While you're thinking about that, try Uncle Gary's latest piece on the gold price:

=> Why Gold Owners Are Targets of the Government

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