Friday, April 03, 2009

Igor Panarin's New World Order

Speaking of a 'New World Order', that ominous phrase that Gordon Brown has just lifted from Hitler's Mein Kampf, check out the map of North America, above. This is how it could look by 2010, at least according to Igor Panarin.

So who the heck is he? Well, he's the Dean of the Faculty of International Relations of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Moscow, Russia; that's who! :-)

Check out this recent quote from the Dean:

"The dollar isn’t secured by anything...The country’s foreign debt has grown like an avalanche; this is a pyramid, which has to collapse."
He must have been listening to Peter Schiff's radio program! Panarin further predicts that a "New World Order" will be formed, after the collapse of the US, which will be centred upon Russia and China.

For more, see the Panarin entry on Wikipedia, which contains many useful links to recent stories involving the thoughts of the Good Dean.

With other stories emerging about a possible Gold Rouble and a Gold Yuan, a pattern is beginning to emerge, where future historians may regard the recently concluded G20 conference as "historic" for reasons other than for Gordon Brown's obvious greatness. Has it actually marked the end of the United States' world financial and military hegemony, and that of its Mini-Me helper, the United Kingdom?

Interesting, Miss Moneypenny; very interesting indeed!

BTW, the above Panarin map reminds me very much of an older map I first saw on Lew Rockwell, which postulated what the territory of the modern United States would have looked like if the Constitutional Congress hadn't been rammed down the throats of the independent American colonies by the Hamiltonians, and every subsequent separatist movement had succeeded without the usual suppression from either Washington or London:

Perhaps Marx was right? Perhaps history is inevitable! Perhaps with the Dean's plan, history is trying to reassert itself from what it once could have been, to what it really ought to become!

Let us see if the Good Dean is right. As the Chinese say, we live in remarkably interesting times.


adagioforstrings said...

wrt Lew's map, I would think that Buckeyistan would wish to secede from the People's Republic of Wolverines.

Seriously, anti-Americans have been fantasizing about the demise of the US since before George Washington. You guys can keep on dreaming.

Jack Maturin said...

My bet is that Texas will be first to leave, followed by Alaska, Hawaii, New Hampshire, then California, Washington State, Oregon, Florida, Vermont, Maine, and after that, my guesses get a little hazy.

Timing depends on how bad Obama can make things in the next eight years.

Though obviously, the men with guns may have something to say about it, which is why there are still so many US Army bases in the old South, both to subsidise these states AND stop them from contemplating secession.

How many Americans were killed by Lincoln to stop the South leaving the 'Holy Union'? D'ya think Obama can beat him, if they try to leave again?