Saturday, April 04, 2009

Schiff: The British are court jesters for the Americans

Another excellent Peter Schiff radio program/podcast this week (April 1st).

Starting off with a swipe at Britain and US in the G20 meeting, and how this has been a stage-managed farce, he really starts laying into the forthcoming demise of the dollar and how he thinks the Chinese are starting a pump-and-dump operation on their holdings of US Treasury securities.

The program is better than most, because Der SchiffMeister gets asked less really stupid questions than he normally receives (e.g. Why is gold worth more intrinsically than paper money?), so he spends more time explaining difficult Austrian-related concepts and why he thinks Texas and Alaska may attempt to leave the Federal Union (in the manner suggested by Igor Panarin.)

Excellent. Let us hope that Connecticutt's finest stands for the US Senate, soon, to give Ron Paul some support in Congress.

Schiff video log on April 2nd:

Schiff video log on April 3rd:

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