Wednesday, April 01, 2009


AngloAustria will temporarily be off the air while Maturin Towers is de-cleansed from all of the vomit that hit the floor when the deeply effeminate Gordon Brown spoke of his tender love for the boy Obama, at the Downing Street press conference this morning.

As Lord Flasheart would put it, "What a Puff!"

(Skip through to nine minutes for the encounter between Lord Flasheart and the Baron von Richthofen)


Anonymous said...

I had always wondered.

Will the secret attempt at holding hands be next on the agenda or do you think Obama will make his position clear in advance?

Oh my god, is any of this really happening?

Do you know Jack, if the Chinese fully backed the Rinimbi with Gold we would almost certainly have a new world reserve currency. That would be the icing on the cake, wouldn't it?

Jack Maturin said...

I would simply LOVE the Chinese to unilaterally announce a Gold Yuan, backed by a 100% reserve! :-)

I have even created a symbol and a rationale for them, here:


I also speculated how they might actually do it, here:


There biggest worry at the moment, though, is how to get their $2 trillion dollars back they have lent the Americans.

My advice is that they should simply forget it and move on. There's no way they'll ever get anything back that's worth anything in terms of gold.

Better to cut rip and let go, as Mr Schiff might say.

Right, MUST do some work today, before it all runs out...