Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The price of a polling card

I received my 'ticket for democracy' today, a voting card, which enables me to take part in voting for which hood I want to run the local mafia. This reminded me of a few years ago when Margaret Thatcher (Gawd Bless 'Er) introduced the poll tax. Up and down the land many people, especially those renting for cash, had (and took advantage of) the following choice:

1. Accept your voting card and pay thousands of pounds per year to the mafia protection racket (a.k.a. local government property taxes)

2. Shred your card, move, fail to register for your voting card in the new house, lose the 'right' to vote for whichever hood you want to run the local mafia, and thereby save thousands by avoiding the local mafia's protection racket, by disappearing off their turf radar.

Tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of people disappeared overnight from the electoral rolls, losing the local and national state mafias millions, perhaps billions, in protection racket fees. (Many of these people were of course hypocritical socialists, but let's not get into that.) I still think it was this loss of mafia income that prompted the revocation of the poll tax, rather than the infamous poll tax riots.

But I digress.

What I wanted to know today, was whether a law could be instituted whereby if you send back your 'voter registration card' to the mafia, and waive your 'right' to vote, you could get all of your tax money back, and get exempted from all state taxes.

Wouldn't that be wonderful! :-)

I also wonder if anybody but tax eaters would fail to take up this offer, once again putting paid to the Big Lie that tax eaters pay taxes.

BTW, I've already shredded the polling card, seeing as I can't take the option above. Doesn't stop me from wishful thinking though.

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