Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Damn, the serfs have slowed down

The mafia crooks that run Britain have decided to lower the national speed limit from 60mph to 50mph:

=> A-road speed limits to be reduced to 50mph


I wonder why?

It couldn't be to do with raising more highwayman revenue could it, in these times of envisaged government spending problems? No, surely not.

Let's envisage the appropriate mafia meeting in the Treasury:

Underboss: It's the plebs, boss, they know where all the speed cameras are.
Bagman: So what? Surely they're still stupid enough to be caught out by them?
Underboss: But only enough of them, sir, to just about cover the collection costs. Even that would be good enough, to pay for our soldiers out in the field, but the projections are that soon they'll all be driving at or under the speed limits. The revenue streams are dying.
Bagman: Bugger! So what do we do now?
Soldier: We could always lower the speed limits even more. It'll only work for a couple of years, and screw the economy even more as everyone crawls around the country, but what the hell. It'll be two more years of gravy before we have to think of another wheeze to screw the idiots.
Bagman: Done.
Soldier: Yes, sir. They will be.

And thus life in Britain rolls ever on, with the mafia thieves and hangers on who rule the land, laughing all the way to their private bank accounts in Luxembourg.

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