Friday, April 03, 2009

G20 summit: Gordon Brown strikes historic $1 trillion deal

Gordon Brown has managed to cajole the beginnings of an ominous 'New World Order' out of his fellow wretches at the G20 conference. He's done this by getting them to promise to give the IMF $1 trillion dollars of other people's money.

This is about £750 billion pounds.

Which rather serendipitously is about the same amount of money Gordon Brown recently committed to the failed British banking system, to insure its inevitable forthcoming losses on toxic debt.

He then claimed that he would not be applying to the IMF for any of this money.

Using the Maturin Tower's Law about always believing the absolute opposite of what any politician ever says about anything, particularly Gordon Brown, this means that he has just constructed his rope out the back, for when the bad men come.

When he does apply to the IMF for a 'loan', to get away from these bad men, his argument will be that the British economy is 'too big to fail'.

In the meantime, expect more debt, more taxation, more inflation, more regulation, and more spending, to solve the problems caused by too much debt, taxation, inflation, regulation, and spending.

Don't worry if this doesn't make any sense. It's too complicated for mere peasants to understand.

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