Monday, April 06, 2009

Brown sends more troops to their deaths in Afghanistan

Speaking of government-induced death, over the weekend we had that fat simpering fool, Gordon Brown, whipping off more British troops to Afghanistan, to impose democracy onto that unhappy land and to impress his new crush, Barack Obama.

So, that's more men and women who signed up to defend Britain, to die in thin-skinned Land Rovers in a remote land, where their job is to kill anyone who opposes democracy and to help the American government get oil pipelines down from Central Asia, to avoid the US government being reliant on the Russian government for future oil supplies.

Oh yeah, and some other fascist stuff about a 'New World Order'.

We should bring back all of our troops from Afghanistan, right now. It is a disgrace that their lives are being used in Gordon Brown's games of personal aggrandisement for himself, after he is kicked out of Downing Street.

And let's face it. Unless they are prepared to wipe everyone out in Afghanistan, these troops will be coming home eventually whether the British government wants them to or not. Because they are foreign aggressors who are unwelcome in someone else's country, and there are only two routes out of that. The decimation of everyone there, or retreat, due to an increasing body bag count.

The rest is just the pompous posturing of politicians.

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