Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unemployment hits 12-year high of over 2.2million

So, 12 long years of the Labour Party ruling this land, with endless targets, taxes, regulations, waste, and fascism, and the country has more unemployment than it started with, despite the several million extra people being taken onto the government's job roles to outreach awareness, and despite a dozen years of the best efforts of Whitehall's finest civil servants to further massage unemployment figures downwards.

Well done, Gordon.

Obviously, if there's any more of this quantitative easing green shoots nonsense, these figures (and the human misery behind them) are only going to get slowly worse as the Depression twists and turns ever further south in its quest to find the bottom level of government stupidity.

Fortunately, a government bond crisis should be coming soon to stop these idiots wasting even more of our money. Let us hope that once HM Government does run out of cash, that sanity can once again prevail in this land of socialist idiocy.

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