Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sense breaks out in Germany

Having suffered the Weimar inflation, the Hitler inflation, and the Post-War inflation, Germans are the Europeans who know best the follies of the printing press.

Linking this to Gordon Brown, my favourite topic de la jour, one of the really annoying things about this most annoying of men, has been his accurate statement that 'all major governments are following the same policies that I instigated'.

Yes, just because everyone's an idiot, doesn't make it okay to be an idiot, but it does make things easier when the dam breaks, and one person stands up to tell everyone else that the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

Hence, my delight this morning when I saw the following story:

=> Germany's Angela Merkel attacks Bank of England's move to pump money into UK economy

Ausgezeichnet, as we cod-German speakers say.

So is the world finally swinging back into Austro-common sense? (Starting mit Deutschland?)

I certainly hope so. In fact, I think it could even be time for that Marco Tardelli moment again, though given the stuff above, it's a shame it involves the old West German football team! :-)

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